Sales Agreement under Occupied Viager Contract in Eyguières


Village Home embellished by a Terrace, Garden and a Garage/ Vaulted Cellar

"Bouquet" : 85 000 €

"Rente mensuelle": 500 €

Viager Explanation 

A Viager contract is an investment plan which allows a buyer to make payments towards a home, eliminating the requirement for all of the money to be paid at once. This Viager contract would allow for the sellers to continue to live in the home until they pass away. Calculations for the bouquet (down payment) and monthly payments are discussed and defined with consideration for the life expectancy of the sellers. Everything will be signed in front of a notary. Monthly payments will be made for the duration of the sellers' lives. After their passing, the title will be transferred to the buyer.


This historical stone house is set in a privileged location, right in the heart of the village, South East of the Alpilles.


In the front, it is beautified by a terrace and a lovely wooded yard with a porch. Sunlight fills the entire home with a beautiful view visible from both sides.


The second floor, on the terrace side, has a kitchen which opens to the 32 m2/ 344 sq. ft. living-dining room. A corridor leads to a full bathroom. At the end of the corridor, on the garden side, there are 2 bedrooms that have around 13 and 15 m²/ 139 and 161 sq. ft. 


On the 3rd floor, it is noteworthy that there is a third bedroom which has 17m ²/ 182 sq. ft. Also, there is a beautiful 65m ²/ 700 sq. ft. open room which could advantageously be converted into a loft.


The ground floor includes a remarkable and huge vaulted cellar, currently used as a garage and wine cellar, with the potential for storage.


This occupied viager contract will allow for the sellers (the husband age: 68 years and the wife age: 75 years) to continue living in their home until the contract ends. This deal constitutes a remarkable opportunity for investment in real estate while preparing for retirement in Provence.


Payment for the property consists of a down payment of 85,000 euros with a pension of 500 euros per month. Very reasonable yearly property tax.


An investment that will increase in value over time, considering the significant interior design possibilities, such as the huge attic loft with the potential for a second apartment.


Technical report and notarized mortgages. Information on references.  


Julien COUSTÉ 

00 33 (0)6 03 81 52 80

135 m2 / X sq. ft.

(total living space)

20 m2 / 214 sq. ft. terrace

170m2 / X sq. ft. garden

5 rooms

3 bedrooms

1 bathroom

40 mn

35 mn

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Complete report of statutory property surveys.

Available for consultation during on-site visits.

Energy efficiency test : F / C