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Village home in a former chapel

450 000 - 565 000 euros

In the heart of the village, renovations have been made to this historical house while working around the apse of a former 12th century chapel. It is now complimented by an outdoor courtyard with a pond. A detached house is also part of the property, which could be used as a vacation rental home or leased rental property. 
While renovations have been made to modernize this home, they have also been made to preserve the integrity of the Romanesque roots. The essential height of the ceiling has been kept for the purpose of allowing sunlight to flood the room.

170 & 90 m² / 1829 & 968 sq. ft. (total ling space / both homes)

120 m2 / 1291 sq. ft. terrace

7 rooms

6 bedrooms

4 bathrooms

35 mn

35 mn


Julien COUSTÉ 

00 33 (0)6 03 81 52 80

More information and full screen pictures are available by visiting our website from a computer or by contacting us directly.

Complete report of statutory property surveys.

Available for consultation during on-site visits.

Energy efficiency test : C / D

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