Historical Stone Country Estate on the heights of Roquevaire

885 000 €

"The universal dimension, it is reached by staying at home. »Marcel Pagnol 

Here you are in his universe. The Taoumé, Grosibou Cave, the Baume of the Passe-Temps, the Valley of Manon; so close to the scenery from film "The Castle of my Mother and the Glory of my Father", you are literally on their foothills.

The olive trees and vineyards cover the slopes of the hillsides, exactly like the the shady oasis of Provence from his novels.

But you will also find the old- fashioned houses of Provence as cool as the swimming pool when the weather, oftentimes, brings a need for it. The buildings which make up this spacious hacienda-style estate are arranged around a central courtyard with its shaded sanctuaries. Its pathways are made up of dry stones.


At the end of the trail, on top of the hill, you will find an old- fashioned stone house overlooking the valley and the village from above. It is only a 5 minute drive from the center of Roquevaire.


The building is charming with all of its hidden nooks and various living spaces. There is potential for an independent efficiency apartment with a kitchenette and a full bathroom. Also, there is independent side which could be perfect for receiving family and friends. The farmhouse has a secluded small section in joint ownership, but does not affect your lifestyle at all.

There is a large yard covered by Provençal trees (olive trees, vines, and the possibility for a vegetable garden), a wine cellar, a car port for several cars, a pool and a relaxing porch.


This house with many facets, makes for very pleasant living and an ideal place to  receive friends and family.


250 m² / 2690 sq. ft. (total living space)

6177 m² / 1,5 acres of Land

8 rooms

5 bedrooms

4 bathrooms

25 mn

40 mn


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