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A multi-level apartment in La Cité Radieuse

This rare multi-level apartment has been kept in it’s original state and has preserved all of the historical elements including: the kitchen (designed by Charlotte Perriand) and staircase (by Jean Prouvé), cupboards, sliding closets in the hallways and furnished wardrobes in the children’s rooms. Keys to all of the drawers are available also. 

This apartment is more than 140 sq. meters, consisting of a master suite and 2 (possibly 3) bedrooms with a private cellar attached. It spans across one side of the building to the other offering two balconies with a beautiful view from both sides. The open floor plan extends through the kitchen, dining room and living space. Also included are a fully equipped kitchen with a stove, oven, fridge, and dishwasher. 

La Cité Radieuse offers many services to its residents: a bookshop, restaurant, hotel, bakery, kindergarten school, kiddie pool and the Mamo gallery designed by the designer Ora-Ïto. 

And from the terrace, a sublime panoramic view of the sea and mountains surrounding Marseille. 

More than comfort and space, this apartment building is an object of art and history. Added by Unesco to the World Heritage List, Le Corbusier is still frequently visited by architects and art enthusiasts from around the world.

137 m2 / 1474 sq. ft.

(total living space)

18 m2 / 193 sq. ft. terrace

5 rooms

4 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

35 mn

40 mn


Julien COUSTÉ 

00 33 (0)6 03 81 52 80

More information and full screen pictures are available by visiting our website from a computer or by contacting us directly.

Complete report of statutory property surveys.

Available for consultation during on-site visits.

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