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A personalized service to sell your home in Provence.


Because selling your property often requires discernment and confidentiality, as your personal mediator, we are dedicated to carrying out the transaction from start to finish.

The assembly of your file is done in an extensive manner with an attorney. All of the zoning, legal, financial, and regulatory technical diagnostics are done according to the law. Finally, any other necessary services needed for an effective sale of the property (estimates for the required work, architectural council, landscaping, decorating, and council in wealth management) are used.

A photo shoot is done by a professional, followed by a complete advertising campaign (local, national, international) via the most relevant media (Propriétés le Figaro, Se Loger, Logic-immo, Maisons et Appartements, Paru Vendu, Meilleurs agents, Avendre a louer, etc), in order to better promote your property. Visits from qualified buyers are targeted and selected, followed by an automatic report, after each visit. Adjustment will be done if necessary.

Finally, effective negotiations are done when there is a shared interest. We will successfully sell your property in the best condition, within a reasonable length of time and for the best price.

he fees  ( cf. Legal informations and Fees ) are defined and settled together in advance through a sales contract. There are no surprises. The fees are not due until the mission has been accomplished, with the paperwork signed in front of an attorney, and without any prior fees.

To meet and work together in this close partnership, consult Julien Cousté at 06 03 81 52 80

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